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The next meeting of the bargaining parties is scheduled for Monday 25 November. With the 5 December (current agreement ends) looming I expect the DoE to present an offer for a replacement agreement. Up to now the PFWA has argued its log of claims is closely aligned with strategies to address mental health and well-being, leadership and work load/value.

However, based on the responses of DoE and Public Sector Labour Relations Officers re-asserting the Government position on wages policy, I don’t envisage an offer that is going to please our membership. It is time to give serious thought to what our response is going to be.

When the offer is presented to us I will immediately inform the Council so that when the offer is presented to you, you will also know and understand the position the Council has adopted. You will be asked to vote on the offer and through that mechanism you will have the opportunity to express your support for the Council position or otherwise.


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